Do you "think" being a leader is different than being yourself?

Get ready to break the habit of living & 
leading as somebody, you're not

Does This Sound Familiar?

What if you could unleash leadership intelligence at all levels, creating a contagious vision that ignites passion, aligns diverse commitments, and reliably produces working environments that are healthy, creative, productive, peaceful, and profitable 
You don't have to dehumanize yourself to find success in the workplace

Imagine the Feeling of...

√ An environment where collaboration and cooperation are valued above and beyond competition.

√ Unique perspectives and contributions are encouraged as essential and the sensation of going to work to get healthier and become more alive. 

√ An organization where creativity flows because unique perspectives are nourished and called forth. 

√ The shared vision and values are not just a vague concept created by a few at the top but they are a co-created DNA from every single person within the organization. 

The good news is...

You can have this in your organization, 
this leads to a workplace where not only, 
are YOU trusted but the people around 
you are trusted. 


The LeaderShiftNow Method
Strategy, Culture & Infrastructure

Where you become a visionary and forward-thinking leader who takes calculated risks and embraces change. One who creates an environment where innovative ideas are encouraged and celebrated. 

This method teaches you the art of confidently making timely and effective decisions that benefit your organization allowing you space to learn from your failures. 

Step into adaptability and an openness to new technologies, processes, and cultural shifts enabling you to stay ahead of the curve, foster a culture of innovation, and drive your organization towards success. 

What waits for you inside

√ Living Design Intelligence
This stage offers 9 powerful 2hr sessions that will empower you to deepen your self-trust and truly value who you are. Through this stage, you will finally face and own your uniqueness, learning how to self-navigate and claim your inner authority instead of giving your power away to external sources. You will discover your true North and learn how to navigate within it, resulting in a newfound self-confidence that you may not have thought was possible. 

√ Inner Sight Out
The second stage comprises 3, 2hr intensives. Through this stage, you will be guided to dissolve old patterns that may have been holding you back, creating space for a powerful new perspective to emerge. This shift in perspective will leave you with a renewed sense of clarity, empowerment, and purpose, and will propel you toward a complete paradigm shift. 

√ Transcend IT (Integration Training)
Through this stage, you will receive a powerful toolkit of transformation that you can use to tackle any issue or challenge that comes your way. You will learn how to identify and transform anything that may be limiting your potential, blocking your happiness, diminishing your value or profitability, or constraining your success. With this training, you will be able to transcend any obstacle or barrier and move towards a life of greater abundance, fulfillment, and purpose. This is a crucial stage that ensures you can take the insights and skills gained from the earlier stages and apply them effectively in your life, to achieve your most significant goals and realize your true potential.

Bonus #1: Chat Support
As a bonus, this mentorship program offers chat support to provide additional guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring that you have the resources you need to succeed.

Bonus #2: Process Evaluation
This bonus is designed to ensure that you are not simply going through the motions but making real progress toward lasting change. With this level of support and accountability, you can be confident that you are on the right path to achieving your goals and creating lasting results.
"When culture is broken the cracks show, morale is weakened but so is profit & performance. That's why culture has to be at the core of any business transformation."

Peggy Johnson, VP of Microsoft

What to expect from the
LeaderShiftNow mentorship...

Kelsey In the face of unexpected personal betrayal and professional loss, transformed her paralyzing fear into creative power, driving her business from bankruptcy to profitability beyond the norm. 
Philip acquired a permanent sense of freedom and self-empowerment as he recognized his limitations and embraced his unique leadership contributions both at work and at home, increasing his quality of life while unleashing a legacy of impactful leadership at all levels of his organization.  
David gained new perspectives on several personal and professional issues that have been limiting his freedom of expression and success for many years, resulting in a deeply creative business venture that brought personal and professional respect, recognition, and accolades from far and wide.  

The LeaderShiftNow Method is a transformative and 
immersive coaching program that helps you discover 
your unique leadership style and model for success


Step 1

Unlock your full potential and elevate your leadership skills by investing in the renowned transformative LeaderShiftNow Method

Step 2 

Book your first session with Diana so you can unlock the power of personal growth & gain the insight to become a more effective & confident leader

Step 3 

Embark on a journey helping you gain the clarity & confidence you need to lead with purpose & drive positive change within your organization

Discover your unique operational advantage 

The LeaderShiftNow method will empower you to
unlock your full potential and gain the skills and tools you need to lead with purpose and drive positive change within your organization.
The Signature LeaderShiftNow Framework

The first step of the process is for Diana to work with clients to help them discover their true values, goals, and aspirations. This includes identifying what truly drives them and what they want to achieve in their business and personal lives.

Once clients have a clear understanding of what they want to achieve, Diana will then assess their current situation, including their current mindset, behaviors, and habits that may be holding them back from reaching their goals.

Strategy Development
Using the information gathered in the first two steps, Diana will work with clients to develop a holistic and strategic plan that addresses all areas of their lives, including their business, personal, and emotional well-being.

Together, Diana and her clients will implement the strategies developed in step three, providing support, guidance, and accountability to ensure that clients are on track to achieving their goals.

As clients implement the strategies and make progress toward their goals, they will begin to experience a transformation in their mindset, behaviors, and overall well-being. They will start to feel more confident, successful, and happier as they achieve their goals and live a life that is aligned with their values.

Diana will continue to work with clients to ensure that the changes they have made are sustainable in the long term. This includes providing ongoing support, guidance, and accountability to ensure clients continue to make progress toward their goals and maintain their overall well-being.

Diana Cale Kennedy invites her clients on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. With over 25 years of experience as a Leadership Development Coach and Consultant, Diana's deep understanding of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and integrative realms of intelligence will leave you feeling empowered, fulfilled, and aligned with your true purpose. 
Born and raised on the west coast of Scotland, Diana embodies her homeland's fierce fascination with freedom - living, leading, and succeeding on your own terms. With her Transformative LeaderShiftNow Method, you will harness your unique qualities, unlocking your full potential for personal and professional satisfaction and success. 

Experience the practical and profitable wisdom Diana has gleaned from exploring human potential, and get ready to transform your life.

When you take ownership of your life and business, you possess the power to change your path and make a lasting impact.
The impact you are destined to make is waiting to be unleashed - all you have to do is 
decide that it's time.

Discover Unique Operational Advantages

Living, Leading & Succeeding As Yourself

I don’t know about you, but I like being human and I get excited about living and working in environments designed to optimize my experience of being alive. Similarly to the food I eat and the plants I nurture in my house and garden, I want to function in conditions conducive to thriving; conditions, whether personal or professional that are healthy, creative, productive, peaceful and profitable; conditions that inspire optimal health and performance in me, and those around me.

For the last 20 years, my Leadership methods have been rooted in a “Master Gardener” mindset; a comprehensive and common sense approach to bringing out the best in people in varying business and social contexts; an approach rooted in the idea that by matching the right conditions with the right people, the law of least effort for maximum impact kicks in; easily and without force the unique brilliance and contribution of every person gets revealed and true greatness becomes the order of the day. 

I have discovered an unexpected and powerful strategic advantage for those willing to increase their holistic business intelligence; those willing to build a capacity for ‘Mastering Uniqueness’ while ‘Growing Greatness” in others, and fostering uncommon coherence in all that they do.