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Diana Cale Kennedy is my Leadership Coach and my current hero. Inner work I have longed to master has happened magically with her guidance.  I have never felt so seen or heard or understood by another human, personal or professional, in my life.  She is from Scotland and her brogue is like a spell that is transforming my inner landscape into something I can actually navigate.  -  

Niki Schemmel
Co-Founder SoulShine Studios

“Working with Diana and The LeaderShiftNow Method has been a true game changer in all areas of my life. Primarily, it has empowered me to fully understand myself in relationship to my business, my friends and my love relationship, helping me to understand another more clearly and to allow more empathy and full spectrum understanding of any situation. How I relate to the nuances of my life has also been enhanced. It has helped me to make tough decisions and to craft my authentic voice. My life would not be the same without Diana’s guidance over the last eight years. She is, frankly, one of the most valued people in my life. I call on her and her genius especially in times of great transformation and change. Don’t hesitate to work with Diana! You have my word that it will be one of the deepest and most fulfilling adventures you’ve had!”

Kelle Rae Oien
Nia Technique Faculty Trainer
White Belt, Blue Belt and Nia 52Moves Trainer
Owner, Studio Nia Santa Fe

Imagine a life full of self-expression. Imagine a life of your own design. Imagine everything you want out of life and more. It is possible. It takes hard work, and it requires someone to guide you through the process. Diana Cale Kennedy is such a guide. She has been blessed with a gift that defies words. She has an intuition that cannot be learned. She has patience and compassion beyond the norm and her playful attitude can make even hard work lots of fun! My life has been so incredibly enriched by just being around her. If you like the status quo, stay clear of Diana. If you want your dreams to come true, let her show you the way.

Steve Shapiro
24/7 Innovation

I highly recommend Diana Cale Kennedy as a coach and guide. I’ve worked with her in several capacities over the past 5 years. The INNERSIGHTOUT hypnotherapy sessions have provided me with a new perspective on several personal and professional issues that have been limiting my freedom of expression for many years.

Daniel Quat
Daniel Quat Photography

The work I have done with Diana and The LeaderShiftNow Method has truly changed my life. I am learning a different way of being in the world, a way that has more ease, more joy, is ‘medicine’ for me. The LSN journey is giving me the gift of self knowledge; of knowing who I came here to be, and the wisdom that being true to myself is not only best for me, but best for the relationships in my life. Deep gratitude to Diana Cale Kennedy and her powerful healing with The LSN Method. I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to do this work with Diana to do so without hesitation! And lucky you.

M.B. Kelly

Being introduced to The LeaderShiftNow Method through Diana has been both eye-opening and soul-awakening for me. I have a deeper understanding of the way I think, act, function and relate to others. The more I explore and learn about the intricacies of my holistic intelligence, the more I understand myself. I am thankful for Diana’s insight and direction during this journey and her passion for coaching. Any journey of self-discovery should involve a deep dive into how we are uniquely designed individually and culturally. The LSN Method provides access to tools and overall awareness about how to live and function as your true self at home and in business. The results are fascinating, surprising and transformational!

Nicole Chamoun
Change Management Consultant

I started to work with Diana to learn how to connect and create from my own voice and wisdom. The LeaderShiftNow Method has given me new perspectives and a map of my conscious and unconscious personality, a framework for living my unique purpose. I have greater confidence in my desires, voice, and choices because each layer of my holistic intelligence provides an answer or confirmation of what I thought to be true of myself. I have immediately applied the lessons learned in each session, like learning that waiting to respond is my best self-navigation strategy when asked to engage in discussions, projects and decisions. I can see the impact of my expanding self-awareness in professional and personal relationships with colleagues, family and friends. I don’t rush to judge others or to be right, as I am learning how we all have unique perspectives and work to do in our own time. I feel more prepared then ever to create with purpose in my life, to trust my unique contribution and to increase my capacity for having a positive impact on others. Working with Diana is a magical journey inward and forward!

Amy Moghakani
Wellbeing Coach and Retreat Leader

"It has been a fascinating and powerful journey to spend regular weekly sessions with Diana, learning the basics of The LeaderShiftNow Method as it applies to me and dipping my toe into the vastness of it’s wisdom and complexity. Repeatedly Diana was spot on, in terms of how she elicited my unique contribution and the essentials of “me”. From macro aspects of how I relate to others to the minutiae of subtle feelings, she evoked all of it with amazing awareness and precision. Diana’s warm and caring manner blended well with a firm commitment to cover the material, and keep moving forwards. The LSN Method is now something I will continue to explore and integrate into my life. Thank you, Diana, immense gratitude for more clarity and more satisfaction in life!” 

Michele Kaye, author of 'Eat Dance Shine'
Nia Black Belt Somatic Educator
Health and Wellness Coach

I have known Diana for many years now, as classmates in hypnotherapy and NLP Master Practitioner certifications, two of the many techniques incorporated in her life-changing LeaderShiftNow Method and practice. I highly recommend her as a coach and guide, personally, professionally and for any enterprise looking for deep and lasting transformation.

Peter Hey
Founder of Leading Mind Institute.

The LeaderShiftNow Method may not be for everyone, but it could be if you want to know yourself and your life path better. I took a class with Diana Cale Kennedy, and my experience was profound. The results did not manifest immediately, but with time I saw the impact of the new insights unfolding like a flower, one petal at a time. Diana is a great teacher who will help you transform and see yourself in ways you had not before. Go for it and have fun. The only regret you could have; you did not do it earlier.

Sasha N.

I have been associated with Diana Cale Kennedy in three different contexts where we have worked together; a large telecommunications firm where we transformed the culture of an organization of 8,000 people, a small early stage software development company where we needed to have the middle management step up and take on significant leadership challenges, a world renowned research firm from where the founders were undermining each other and creating a culture of survivorship and blame. In all three assignments, Diana provided outstanding facilitation and coaching skills. What makes here unique is that she doesn’t let anyone get away with anything, yet she is insightful and sensitive. Always furthering effective communication skills and moving conversations towards clear intentions, Diana ensures her clients remain aligned and on purpose to make their vision a reality. She is an outstanding coach, can be tough when she needs to be, soft when necessary, and always engaged in helping you achieve extraordinary results. I am proud to have been a client of Diana’s. She has stretched me to become a greater leader and I am proud to call her my friend.

Mark Kutner,
President, GBS, Multinational Corporation

Diana Cale Kennedy became my Leadership Development Coach during my tenure as Director in a Multinational Corporation. With her help we turned a dysfunctional team into one of the most high performing, successful and fun teams one could imagine. The experience of working with Diana through this transformation was one of the most challenging and definitely the most rewarding experiences of my 10 years with that company. Throughout the process, Diana’s humor, charm and wisdom cushioned the inevitable bumps our group encountered while moving through years of ingrained thinking and habits that had held us back. A lot of that has to do with Diana’s ‘presence’ in the process; she is living her life ‘full out’ and is one of the most authentically real people I have met. Her enthusiasm, joy and generosity of spirit are contagious. She has the gift of seeing the best in each individual and continues to hold that up to them, reminding them of what is possible while inspiring them to be who they are meant to be. Having gone through what we did, bonded us together in a very special relationship. The impact of Diana’s work with us continues to be felt in the individual’s lives: real change and real growth that has endured and continues to impact us and the world we live in.

When I hired Diana Cale Kennedy to support my team on our journey to high performance, we had no certainty, no evidence, of what would manifest. It was likely that our organization would be in a similar condition, facing the same problems years later, if we didn’t do something different; we would be frustrated, overwhelmed, disgruntled and on a path of predictable, incremental results at best. We needed to change and we did. We engaged in an organizational transformation process with Diana, who was experienced in coaching teams to high performance and who passionately stood for our success. We designed a new path for ourselves as leaders and for the organization. We invented a bold, powerful, exciting, heart-racing, new future. We envisioned a ‘Game worth Playing’, one that inspired us, one that we felt passionate about. We had no idea how to produce this future, in fact, we had no evidence that we could produce this future. We trusted ourselves and each other while designing and aligning on powerful outcomes we wanted then set milestones to mark our progress. Together we learned how to be accountable and to empower others in being accountable, how to stand powerfully in uncertainty while creating what inspired us and taking bold strategic actions anyway, how to make authentic promises and requests to engage and enroll key relationships, how to coach for success and how to request coaching, how to work in a partnership of interdependent relationships. We became a high performing team of innovative leaders generating exceptional results, in an environment of partnership, mutual trust, support, recognition and appreciation. We created an organizational culture of leadership at all levels, where ownership for the fulfillment of our future felt natural, and all contributions accepted as crucial. From this inspirational cultural advantage our visionary strategic intent became a reality and real bottom line, sustainable value for the company was generated. During our 18 month journey together, Diana was a skilled and sensitive coach and partner. Each and everyday, she brought intense personal commitment, highest levels of energy, humor, creativity and playfulness to our experience. It was clear that our success was her success, and that our failures were mutual learning experiences and fodder for possibility. Diana taught me that being authentic and trusting myself to stay present to possibilities always manifests mind-blowing results, on multiple personal and professional levels. My business relationship with Diana has matured into a true friendship, for I know that Diana is always available for me whenever I call on her; and then anything and everything becomes possible.

Donna Lazartic,
Head of the Global Trade Organization, Multinational Corporation 
Diana Cale Kennedy’s work is focused on unlocking the creativity and energy within individuals, organizations and communities to produce extraordinary results. By motivating people to envision the future, to imagine new possibilities and to invent a “game worth playing” now, she shifts people’s perceptions and awareness of who they are and the work they do to catalyze performance potential and to increasing their quality of life. Diana works to create business and community cultures of mutual support, recognition, partnership and teamwork, cultures where leadership emerges on all levels and systemic satisfaction and success win the day. Making the impossible possible, happens naturally.